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¤ The film was originally written as a serious horror sci-fi, until Ivan Reitman stepped in and re-wrote much of the script.

¤ During the lengthy shooting in Page, Arizona, Dan Aykroyd entertained the local folk by carding guests at a bar, unofficially greeting people at Wal-Mart, and visiting locals for a cup of coffee in their homes.

¤ Shot in December, DreamWorks asked the locals to delay putting up their Christmas decorations. Following the shoot, DreamWorks paid the city employees overtime to light up the town in time for Christmas.

¤ The clumsiness in 'Moore, Julianne' 's character was her idea.

¤ The film opened in the USA on 8 June 2001, the 17 anniversary of the release of Ghost Busters (1984), also directed by Ivan Reitman.

¤ The three main characters perform a commercial for "Head & Shoulders". The idea to this came from the son of Ivan Reitman.

¤ David Duchovny's character Ira makes an incredible (and ultimately, correct) leap of logic when he deduces that the element selenium might be as poisonous to the alien life forms as arsenic is to humans; Fox Mulder, Duchovny's character on The X Files, is notorious for arriving at similarly implausible (and usually, correct) leaps of logic (usually just in time to advance the plot prior to the commercial break!).

¤ David Duchovny improvised the "baring of the ass" scene and Director Ivan Reitman decided to write it in to the shot. Unfortunately the scene had to be re-done so many time that Duchovny took a Polaroid picture of his rear end held it up to the camera when it was required because it was too cold to pull his pants down over and over on cue.

¤ The placement of the element selenium in Head and Shoulders shampoo is technically correct. Though regular Head and Shoulders shampoo does not have any of the element, Head and Shoulders Intensive Treatment Shampoo actually does consist of approximately 1% selenium sulfide.

¤ David Duchovny turned down a role in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) to appear in this movie.